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Monday, January 22, 2007

Sweet Home Chicago..

With My Chicago Bears going back to the Super Bowl for the first time in 21 years, and Barack Obama preparing himself for a run for The White House, Jennifer Hudson winning a Golden Globe and a consensus pick for a possible Oscar nomination, and Lupe Fiasco being nominated for 3 Grammys, its a great time to be a CHICAGOAN. And I have extreme civic pride today.

I love being a Chicagoan. And I mean Chicagoan, as in not from the suburbs either, lol. More times than not, you can tell a city guy from a suburban guy. At least that's what women say. I get to drive up Lake Shore Dr everyday to view what people call the most beautiful skyline in the world (I tried to upload the pic that I look of the skyline last year, but blogger is acting like, well, blogger).

Back to the football. As I stated in the comments section on Friday, I was rooting for my Bears and the Indianapolis Colts to win so that history could be made. For those that don't know (or are under a rock, lol), Lovie Smith is the head coach of the Bears and Tony Dungy is the head coach for the Colts, both are whom are Black. In the previous 40 Super Bowls, a Black head coach had never even made it to the game, let alone win it. But this year, both of the sidelines will have a Black man at the helm, guaranteeing that a Black man will win. And also, the Pittsburgh Steelers just named Mike Tomlin as their head coach, who is also black, so this is a bad week for racists, I'll tell you that.

Its funny too, because I read message boards and listen to sports talk radio and some people (w.hite) are saying that they are dreading the next 2 weeks because all everyone is going to talk about is 2 Black coaches in the Super Bowl.

My response is, "And???"

I'll get back to the program later in the week. For the next few days, I want to enjoy this civic pride I have. And in the process, I hope to make Dynasty miss her city so much that she thinks about moving back, LOL....So for today, Ill be drinking an Old Style, eating some deep dish pizza, and some Harold's Chicken.......

Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin' town,
Chicago, Chicago, I'll show you around.
Bet your bottom dollar you'll lose the blues
In Chicago, Chicago
The town that Billy Sunday could not shut down.
On State Street, that great street, I just want to say
They do things they don't do on Broadway; say,
They have the time, the time of their life -
I saw a man, he danced with his wife
In Chicago, Chicago my home town. -
"Chicago - That Toddlin Town"

Thanks for Reading, and GO BEARS!!!!

Robert L Mack, TRP.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Reluctant Player....

Warning: Today's entry is rated R for "Raunchy", so if you don't want to read, wait until the next post. Otherwise, read on..........

What's going on.....I was damn near threatened today by a fellow blogger to update my blog, but I won't say any names (D.....y). So here I am....

When we last left off I was talking about dating a few chicks, like 4 at the moment. I need to at least cut it in half, but one of the probable cuts was breaking me off with some major Superhead!!! (As a matter of fact, that will be her name henceforth.) Man, sometimes I swear I want to ask her has she seen the video!

(Sidenote: Ladies, you want to make a man fall in love with you? Some of you all need to stop acting funny and give your man head until he explodes in your mouth. Whether you swallow or not is purely optional.)

Unfortunately, Superhead is the same chick with the Full House, starring her 12 year old daughter, 10 year old son, momma , 20 year old lil sis , and 2 year old nephew in tow. And she doesn't like coming to the city to see me because its too big and she'll get lost. Yeah, Ok.

This girl from my 2nd job wants to hook me up with her friend LW, and I've been talking to her on the phone for the last few weeks. Judging from the picture, she has a small waist with some nice, 25 year old perky breasts with an average face. When she told me that she was picky, I was expecting some barbie dolled- faced chick fresh out of college. But hey sometimes pictures don't tell the story, so we're going to go out to dinner or something friday to find out if there's more to the "story".

Hopefully I can get her in and out by about midnight Friday, because at 1:00am I'm going to meet another chick named Lexus once she gets off of work. Maybe I'll delve into that story some other time. Lets just say that I used to date her about 5 years ago and I have a story about her that I've debated shelling out to the masses. I've decided to save that one for the book, LOL.............But fast forward to 2007.......I got back in touch with her about 2 weeks ago, and she still has a lovely body that hasn't bore a child yet, nice job, own place, own whip, can dress her ass off, and is very available. I just need to find out if she's matured some since 5 years ago. Smooth, who knows the story quite well, told me I'm playing with fire by talking back to her. Had he seen the outfit she wore last week, he would have had a +book of matches+ in his hand too ready to +strike+ too. (Double Entendre, Missy).

Then There's Denise. Ah, Denise. A jump off in the truest sense. I call her Denise because she reminds me of Denise from The Cosby Show. She's very much into "artsy-fartsy" ish and "Afrocentricity". I liked originally because I never dated a chick that rocked dreads and lights in-scents and "hears" Jimi Hendrix (you catch that, Zed, lol). She's an art major, does designs for a major office company, as well as web designing for people in her spare time. She's 26, single, no kids. But at the present moment she is not looking for a relationship but just wants to get broke off from time to time at various times of the night.

Damn yall, I'm having mixed feelings. I know I can't keep seeing all of these chicks, YET I like having plan B's C's and D's when A doesn't work out.

So for the time being, just call me The Reluctant Player.

Signing Off.

Thanks for Reading,

The Oxymoronic Robert Mack, TRP.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Return of The Mack........Again.

What up yall,

I'm back.


A bit of a hiatus, due to a few things. The holidays, as well as "back to work" busy issues, as well as trying to live a little. I've only been on a handful of blogs over the past few weeks, so I am waaaaay out of the loop on things. I'll try to come by your page sometime in the next few days. So much has happened over the past few weeks, I don't even know where to begin. How about a brief synopsis (I got that word from the soap opera books my aunt used to read, lol)

The Traveler

I went to the Big D for New Years. It was quite eventful, to say the least, especially the plane ride. More on that later. My cuz Smooth threw a new years' shindig, and plenty of people came by, including the ladies. I was quite surprised. Not saying that my cuz throw sausage festivals, but it was good to see that it was a 50/50 ratio, I might even say there were more women then men. I even took time to look at my cuz in awe, seeing how much of a social butterfly and life of the party person he can be. That dude knows how to have fun. It made me think too. I need to quit trying to be so fuckin' perfect. I get caught up in trying to be too cool, too calm, too collected, too reserved in comments. Always trying to say the right thing, or what sounds like a good thing to say.

But, back to the night at hand. There was plenty of food and drinks. I sipped on a few drinks, but nothing like my birthday in 2005 when I was asking what color was the orange juice. I became sleepy around 2am, and told my cuz Tiger that I was going to just take a nap for about 10-15 minutes. I didn't wake up again until about 8am later that morning. So much for being the party animal.

The BMW (Black Man Workin')

I came back with the intentions of quitting my 2nd job (the cable spot) sometime this month. And then I looked at my year end results of working both jobs. I made more money that I've ever made before, and I love that extra dough coming in. For the last year and some months now, I haven't had to go around with that broke feeling. Not to say I'm balling, because I'm nowhere near it, but I haven't had to put a few dollars in the tank to get home now and wait to fill it up in the morning because that's when the direct deposit hits (yeah and don't act like yall aint been there before, lol). So right now I'm going to push it along until February.

The Mack

This past weekend I had 3 dates, with the possibility of 5. Let me tell yall, that shit is overrated! Thursday night I was hyped up because I imagined that I was some kind of real life Dre in "How to Be A Player". I was going to bang em, and keep it moving.

But it went nothing like that.

In fact, Monday morning felt like any other morning. I wasn't beaming with confidence, grinning with thoughts from the past weekend. I actually had an feeling of being unfulfilled. I still had questions that were left unanswered. Except the fact that the "playa" shit aint for me. Not that I was trying to, but the past weekend let me know further that I'm just a one woman type of guy. And after that weekend, I'm still looking. Maybe I could juggle 2, but not 3, 4, or definitely not 5.

The Final Destination

Let's back track for a minute to the aforementioned plane ride from hell. I was supposed to leave on Dec 29th at 1:36pm, with an arrival at 3:51 PM in Dallas. Poor weather, along with Poor Management decisions and I didn't get to Dallas until about 3:51 AM!!!! That's 3:51 AM!!!!! Oh yeah and did I mention that we were virtually stuck on the plane because we had to make an emergency landing in Waco, TX. Yes, Wacky Waco, where David Koresh was from. And I had to take a bus from Waco to Dallas. That's not even the half of it. But, your boy remained calm for the most part, even though a lot of people on the plane were not. Honestly, I was so happy that I was still alive after the ordeal that I was going to leave it alone. But, I got a letter yesterday apologizing profusely for the events and they offered me a free round trip ticket to wherever their company flies. where could I go?

Could I use this to finally go to NYC?
Slish, Organized Noise, and The Mack.....The fun we would get into...LOL.....

Could go back to Dallas. I would like to see my cuz Wimpy before he leaves for Iraq again. That would be the sentimental choice.

Could go to LA, just to see what its like for struggling actors.

Could go to Atl to see a rainbow, but I'm not sure if things are alive and jumpin' down there.

What will I do? Decisions, Decisions..............

Sorry for the long delay, but I'm back. I think.

Thanks for Reading (still),

Robert L. Mack