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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bloggers Block, sort of.

Its been a week since I've blogged, and usually I never go more than 7 days without blogging. I guess I really don't have much to talk about right now. I've had a few thoughts on my mind, one of them being my taste in women. It seems as though the ones that I have the most interest in are already taken. Which should be the case because men would be fools to let those type of women that I like stay single.......So in the end, I find myself talking to women who are a step below my standards but are available. And I think its taking its toll on me, along with working 2 jobs. But enough of that. I don't want to get accused of subliminally asking for +sympathy azz+.

Also, with the Christmas season coming up, it always reminds me of my favorite Christmas, which was 1989. That was the year that Smooth's mom (Ma Dukes) bought us a Nintendo. We were so happy, because it meant that we didn't have to go to the neighbor's house to act like their friend just to play Nintendo. But also, I loved that year because all 6 of my grandmothers' kids were all together in one home, including my Aunt Gail and Uncle Steve (may they both rest in piece) and their kids.

Do I want anything for Christmas this year? Nah........
I remember one year, I think I was 18, I asked for a girlfriend, and I met a chick a few days later. LOL...mere coincidence....

So what is your most memorable Christmas? What do you want for Christmas this year? Pick a lane, folks.

Next week, I think I'm going to do a year-in-review blog, looking back on the events of this past year.

Yall stay resolute, and happy holidays to all!

Thanks for Reading,

Robert L. Mack

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

What up yall! I'm back like Jordan!

So as I pondered talking to this chick last night, it made me think about some of my previous encounters with the opposite sex. Do I use lines to get a woman's attention, and ultimately, her number and affection?

I'm going into the archives of my mind, laughing on some of my good lines. One that stood out to me was when I dropped this chick off at home as a favor and she made a mention of my seats being very comfortable, and I told her , ever so slyly , that "If you like, you can sit in them as often as you want". Maybe it had to do with me having an audience (Smooth and Todd Mack) in the back seat, who knows? But the chick gave me her number, and the rest was history.

But then on the flipside, I remember being a baby mack, 16 at the time, and I seen a girl working at a little kiosk in the mall. Boy she was pretty, I thought. I was so nervous. I think I went past her kiosk a few times, trying to figure out some way of talking to her. She was selling something that I had no interest in, but I had to figure out some way to break to ice. I asked what she was selling, listening very intently. After her short presentation, I thanked her and walked away. I came back 5 minutes later, put the proverbial bid in, I think I said something along the lines of "if you're not doing anything later........" and I could remember stuttering and I even think I had a slight twitch in my eye. LOL. Man that chick was quick to tell me that she had a boyfriend. I don't even think I got my whole spiel out. LMAO!!!!!!!!!

Then I remember a few years back when I tried to get at this young lady who was a cashier at Walgreens. I waited until she didn't have anyone in her line, and I walked up to her and told her that "I purposely came through your line so that I could talk to you." She laughed at me, and I remember that she would not give me her number, but she took mine. I took it as an L, but a few days later she called. We went out a few times, and I remember her telling me that she was Bi. She thought I was going to stop talking to her, but it made me more intrigued. But , nothing ever happened. She was a young hot cutie too. (Side Note: I'm going to get my 3-some going one of these days dammit!)

But overall, I would say that I usually go with something simple like "I would love to call you later" or "I would like to get to know you." The smile takes care of the rest.

So ladies, do you like when a guy comes up with a line? What are some of the most memorable lines that a guy told you, and it worked? Did it even matter in the end?
And Fellas, tell me about some of your best lines, good or bad.

* Speaking of lines, if anyone caught my double entendre, you're obviously a keen observer of the boy.

Thanks for Reading,

Robert L. Mack

Monday, December 11, 2006

Guess Who's Bizzack?

Not quite as dramatic as New York coming back to The Flavor of Love, or somewhere over the +rainbow+ in the +hamptons+,

but Chappelle # 2 is back.

Found out about it last week, her new job wasn't working out.

Does this mean the return of some truck action?

Who knows? Probably not. I gotta move on, right? Big Rob Mack (my brain) gotta tell Lil Rob Mack (the one who gets "brain") that even if the azz is nice, you don't want to deal with her trying to find babysitters and her still living at home with Auntie Supervisor and her not having transportation which means me driving across town. (For my Chicago peeps, I had to drive from SE Chicago (South Shore) to the west suburbs (Maywood)

I could see why she came back though. I've been here for 3 1/2 years, and this is the easiest job I've ever had. Which is funny, because the old lady that hired me in June of 2003 wasn't sure if I would work out because the job was supposed to have been "fast paced". LOL.................

I'm supposed to be at work at 8:00, I can't even think of the last time I've been here that early. Maybe 8:06 in the last 3 months. LOL....and I have my own phone line, own cubicle, unlimited access to internet, can go to lunch anytime, and other perks that I cannot think of as the moment. I felt bad because last week during rainbow-gate I was on the blogs all day...I didn't even open up my work application for the day. I told Smooth that I was going to come to work the next day with a bunch of scathing emails from vendors, but the next day came and went with no issues. LOL. I say that the next job I get is going to have to pay substantially more that this one, it would have to be either in Downtown Chicago or the city limits, and I would have to have internet access or at least email access. Until then, I'll deal with being paid some days to essentially read blogs.

Everybody stay alive out there, and I'll be checking back with you later.

Thanks for reading,

Robert L. Mack

Thursday, December 07, 2006

REAL TALK. Let's Set the Record Straight......

*May I have your attention please*

Ok, so I guess people are going around faking their death. If you don't know what I'm referring to, check out Nikki, as well as T-Cas' blog. I'm not going to get into any of it personally; Instead I'll use my own forum to let people know about me. Understand that everything I write is real. The pictures you see of me are real, they're not pictures of someone else and I'm masquerading as this tall , dark , and handsome fella (sorry had to make you laugh really quick). The pictures are not from many years ago and I'm fat and old now trying to re-live my past.

* I'm really 27 years old. I was born May 27th, 1979 in Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL.

* I'm not married, nor have I ever been.

* I don't have any kids.

* Smooth and Tiger are my real cousins, not play cousins. Their mom and my mom are sisters. Heck, their mom practically raised me as a shorty, that's why they're more like brother and sister to me.

* In the past year, I've seen and been seen by Dynasty, Missy (Negropino), Nika Nsane, Skinny G from the Bruh Man Law, 1 in the same, and Knockout Zed seen me on stage during some "acting business" (LOL). They can definitely vouch for the boy if needed.

Again, the events that I write about on my blog are real. I don't embellish nor fabricate anything for the purpose of an audience. I write about whatever is on my mind, even if it means that I'm not going to be viewed as cool or "the man". I write about hurt feelings, be it mine or someone else's. About the only thing that I make up is names for legal reasons, including the fact that I only use a small fraction of my real name.

Honestly I don't know what to believe about anyone's blog anymore. When I meet people, I think so many people have tricks up their sleeve, to the point where I don't let anyone know more than they have to. I've always been a skeptical person, and now with some crazy events that have unfolded, my skepticism meter is off of the chart now. It takes me a long time to build trust in anyone. I can probably count on both of my hands the amount of times I've told people in regular conversation that I've been in a few movies. That's how guarded I am.

I just felt a need to write about myself folks, just in case if anyone has an air of skepticism about me.

Damn I didn't know blogging was like this.

Thanks for Reading (....gasp...)

Robert L. Mack

Friday, December 01, 2006

Chicago to Dallas and back...part 2

(sorry peoples I am very busy at work right now.....)

I landed in the Big D and was greeted by my cuz Smooth and his boy Dre Day and my lil brother Todd Mack. It was 75 and sunny in Dallas, and of course I only packed long sleeves. I already sweat enough because I'm not a great flyer...but alas......

Made it to my aunt's home where the Thanksgiving festivities too place. This is easily my favorite holiday because I get a chance to see a lot of my family that I haven't seen in a while. I got a chance to see my cuz Primetime who I haven't seen in 6 years, she's grown up to be so pretty (and a lil potty mouthed, lol), I saw my cousin Wimpy's (who's in Iraq) kids, and I got to see the aforementioned lil brother Todd Mack and my cousin T-Sauce, who told me that he's ranked in the top 25 for HS ballers in the state of Texas. I think that I'm his biggest fan. Every time I talk to him, I ask him what college is he going to. I just want him to go to a Division 1 school so that I can check out his games on the ESPN package. I remember when I was the tallest in the family. I think T-Sauce has 2 inches on me, which makes him about 6'4'' now.

When the family gets together for thanksgiving, we have a few crazy traditions. One is a Lip Sync Contest, where members of the fam will pantomime a song, usually a hit from that current year. One of my favorite acts was when we did the Ron Isley song Contagious. T-Sauce was Mr Bigs, Tiger was Chante Moore and I was R. Kelly. LOL...

Another tradition that has caught on the past few years is our when we spoof a current show or movie with a ghetto twist to it. The first year was a rendition of The Jerry Springer Show. The next year it was a ghetto version of the movie Halloween. This year we decided to do a even sillier version of the show Cheaters. Smooth said that he's editing it, so if I gather up enough courage I might figure out some way of putting it on the blog. My family is like the Wayans in the sense that there are a lot of us who can act, and do it quite well. I'm probably the best (LOL).

Also in the fold were some of Smooth's friends. I'm very envious of the relationship that Smooth has with his friends. Its a group of them (5 guys, 2 girls) that talk on the email just about everyday and usually a few times in a month they will all go out to dinner or to someone's crib for a "movie night". They've embraced me as an "honorary member". Around March of next year, I'm going to think really hard about moving down to Dallas....stay tuned on that front.....

On Friday night, another tradition that took place is Bad Horror Movie Night. Smooth and Tiger's mom (Ma Dukes) will go out her way to find an obscure scary movie for the family to watch. This year's choice was called The Gingerdead Man, about a killer who was executed but somehow was "resurrected" as a killer gingerbread man. I'm mad that I was the only one who stayed up thru that hot gabbage! But it still makes for funny conversation at the next family gathering......

(Editors Note: I've become quite busy at work so I'll just give a quick recap and get on to the pics.....)

The next few days were just "kickin it days" basically. I went to the Galleria which is the big posh mall in Dallas.......

I came back home on Monday Night. I got off of the train a tad nervous, because I wasn't sure if the whip would be there, or if it was, how many tickets would I have on it.........But I turned the corner at Archer and Pulaski, and I saw Clyde the Glide sitting there, just as I left tickets, no flats, no broken

I ended the vacation by stopping in a Walmart for a George Foreman grill......I've never used one before, (late as hell!), so I'm looking forward to cooking a few things on it.....

Ok, enough talk, right? Yall wanna see they go.........

I introduce my family and friends below!!!!!!!!!!


Have a nice weekend.

Thanks for Reading (in this case, thanks for checking out pics),
Robert L. Mack