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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mack and the BEAN's talk

What's going on out there the blogworld....Sorry to keep you all waiting.

Well over the weekend, I took a lil' trip to the East Coast. Boston, to be exact. Home to two of my favorite bloggers, Missy the Negropino and Dynasty. This was my first time on a trip by myself so I was very excited, and a little nervous as well. I'm not the best flyer, so any little jerk and sounds of fans and engines going off and on makes my palms sweat as if there were microscopic sprinklers in them. The flight didn't start off well at first because as I'm going to my seat, I see some snot nosed kid lampin' in my seat. I'm calm about it, politely telling him that I'm assigned for this seat. He tells me the same thing. So then one of the flight attendants verifies my information, and agrees that I should sit there. But this kid is some special person apparently, and I would have to be moved somewhere else. Of course, the plane was packed, but they found me a seat next to the window. Ok, cool. BUT, this is a plane that features 3 seats on one side, and the window seat was next to a woman and her 3 year old child. For some reason, her husband was not seated with them, but behind them in a middle seat. So he asks if he could sit in by the window seat with his family, and I'll take the ever so popular (NOT) middle seat. I oblige, sort of reluctantly. At this point, I didn't care, I just wanted to get on and get the plane ride over with. But I kept my calm, and the husband was very grateful. As a matter of fact, he hands me his business card and mentions that he is director of broadcasting for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and to email him if I'm ever interested in any tickets. That's why I always keep my calm. Well at least I try.............

On Saturday night, Dynasty, her boy Skinny G (from the Brothers Man Law blog) and Missy take me to a nice italian eatery named Stella. This is a far cry from Harold's Chicken around my crib, I tell ya. Most of the food on the menu is written in Italian. "Damn can I just get some chicken fingers and call it a night?", I thought to myself. LOL. But we had a fun time, and the food was excellent. I had Chicken Cacciatore and some kind of bread thing I couldn't figure out. I also had a drink. Raspberry something that was strong, and of course I'm not a drinker. Skinny G is a sports editor and I love sports and know about a lot of sportswriters, as does he, so it made for great conversation.

After dinner, Dynasty's friend had a party not too far from Stella. The only thing is that her friend is gay, and you all know I'm not the biggest fan of gay males. But this is going to be interesting, so I was down.
We get there, and I tell you, I felt like I was in a Queer as Folk episode. For real. Guys hugged up, kissing on one another and holding hands and talking in lisps. (LOL). I didn't want no one to mistake me for fairy so I tried to hang around either Dynasty or Missy as much as possible. I'm going to need a drink. LOL. There is some lemonade that is spiked with vodka, so I begin to sip on that. Dynasty is being the social butterfly, and Missy says she wanted to go outside for some air so I went out there on the stoop and chilled with the Negropino.

I have another spiked lemonade.
I'm feeling real good.
I'm saying what up to every body walking in and out of the door.
I have another spiked lemonade.
I'm feeling REAL good now.

Missy pours some of her lemonade into mine and I'm like hold up! I went to go stand and felt a lil wooziness. I think I'll stop while I'm ahead. I hate when I get a naseous feeling and I absolutely hate to vomit, so I chilled out from the sippin'. I was tipsy, but I was well aware when I heard one of the "guys" say to me and Missy "Downstairs is where you talk, and upstairs is "come fuck me in my hole".

"Yep, full chromed for situations like this" - Notorious BIG

It was time to go. LOL.

As if I thought the evening couldn't get more interesting, we all go to a club called Vertigo, which was crazy packed. There was an upstairs and a downstairs. Dynasty decided to stay upstairs at the bar and "mingle", so Missy takes me downstairs where they are bumpin and grinding. There was a carribean festival in town, so the reggae music was abundant on this night, but the DJ didn't leave out any of today's bangers. Missy tried to get me to drink a long island ice tea with her, but I had one sip and that 'ish was strong. I had to pass up before I pass out. LOL. So after about an hour or so of leanin' wit it, 2 steppin', and snapping fingers, Skinny G come up to me like "We gotta go", because Dynasty had a ......well um lets just say "wardrobe malfunction" . LOL. I'll let her tell you all about that on her blog.
It was 2 am and I was spent. The night is over. Time to catch up on some zzzz's.

SUNDAY is here, and I was supposed to go on a tour of Fenway Park, but mother nature decides to put a damper on my plans for that as it rained the entire day. Not to worry, because I still had my share of sunshine when Missy and Dynasty joined me for some brunch at some small place called Mike's Diner, which specializes in breakfast and is only open from 6am-3pm. This must be a happenin' spot because it too was also packed with Bostonians. And after eating there, I see why. Ain't nothing like steak eggs and grits! LOL!
So after catching itis, I'm ready to take a nap now. We were supposed to go see the movie Idlewild, but after hearing not so great reviews (a critic referred to it as Idle-mild), we just went against it. So I guess you can say that Sunday wasn't as action packed, but then again aren't Sundays supposed to be easy goin'?..............

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and I was dropped off early at the airport on Monday morning. But it gave me a lot of time to reflect back. I must say, that my lack of activity over the summer was more than compensated for from this past weekend. I got to kick it with 2 lovely ladies for a weekend. What more could a guy ask for? So hugs and kisses, pounds and handshakes, and all that stuff to Missy and Dynasty. And I can't forget Skinny G. Good Luck when you run for prez (LOL)......

And just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, I have pics below............enjoy.....

click here

Thanks for Reading,
Robert Mack

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"The Dream Shatterer"

Ay-yo I shatter dreams like Jordan, assault and batter your team
Your squadron'll be barred from rap like Adam & Eve from the garden -
Big Pun

Oh wait, I almost forgot-

I'm down to 219 as of Monday the 21st. That's a total of 11 pounds I've lost since August 7. Not quite my goal of 215 that I wanted to reach by now, but I'm still losing. On Monday evening, I jogged/ran/walked 2.6 miles. Talk about being spent. And to top it off, I walked up 20 flights of stairs to my crib after the jog. Also did the same last night after coming home from my second job, even with sore legs. I'm trying to see how many days in a row I can do this. My goal for next Monday is to get down to 215. The ultimate goal is 200.

But now to the story at hand.

As I alluded to in the previous post, if I happen to dream about a prospective female in my life, that usually means that I'll never be with her romantically OR If I have, I will never be that way with her again. Maybe because of the fact that If I'm already with her, there is no need to dream about her right? I had two dreams recently about two women that had been dealing with.

One was about Chappelle #2. To recap again, all I could remember in the dream was that she came to a party with her new butch girlfriend, and I was mad about it. One, because she never told me she was gay, and two because I wanted to be with her. I tried to have a talk with her alone but she didn't oblige. That's all I remember. I'm still trying to figure out the whole lesbian angle.

My second dream was about Gina. This one was rather interesting. I had a dream that I tried to get with her mother. The thing is, I've never met or seen her mother before! I'm assuming it was her mother because it was kind of a sneak move on our parts because we knew it was wrong. I remember trying to mess around with her in the basement while Gina was upstairs. I don't remember if I actually got to penetratin', I just remember that she was a little receptive but then gave in to me.

Now what I take from the second dream is, Gina is too young and immature for me (21 and I'm 27) and I need someone older. Not someone's MILF (LOL), but someone on my level. Me and Gina never had sex. She spent the night one time back in June, but nothing happened (Just to note, the fact that we never were together in that way didn't deter me from wanting to be with her. She's the one who killed the courtship, by her own admission). I still see her every now and then, but it's a quick hi and bye. I haven't spoken to her on the phone in a long time. Its funny how things go. When you first start to date someone, it feels so fresh and new, and you feel like "Ok this might be the one right here". And then that Day 30 hits. Usually at Day 30 of dating someone, you'll know if that person you've been seeing is going to be a chapter in your life or just a page; a mere footnote. I started dating Gina about a few weeks before my birthday (Mid-May). By Mid-June, it started going downhill. Conversations on a daily basis with each convo timed at least a half hour to an hour or more, then it dwindled down to 2 or 3 times a week for about 10 to 15 minutes, then down to once a week for maybe 5 minutes, to nothing at all. It went downhill, and it went downhill quick!

But overall, I believe I have these dreams as a sign of knowing if I should pursue someone. Any female that I've ever been with intimately, I've never dreamed of her prior to the intimacy. So with that in mind, I am officially closing the chapter on me and Chappelle #2, and turning the page on me and Gina.

But the book of my life continues on. I can't wait to read what happens next.....................

I probably will not blog again until Monday of next week. I have some projects at work that I need to get my ass on, so I have to cut out all extra-curricular activities (blogs, ebay, message boards) thru the end of the week. If I finish early, I'll be back to write and/or check out your blog. If not, have a nice weekend, talk to you on Monday.

Thanks for Reading as Always,

Robert Mack

Monday, August 21, 2006

50th post, 10 questions, 1 mind

Alright so this is my 50th post. I've been a part of this world since March 15, 2006. Many thanks to the first people who came by to comment: Knockout Zed, Nsane Lee Sane, Slish, Missy (then as Ms New Booty), Nikki, and Robin. Who the heck is Robin? LOL.

So as I feel as though I'm a seasoned vet in the blog world, these are 10 things I've noticed for myself throughout these 5 months and decided to ask the blog world if they agree or if i'm on a proverbial island with these. This isn't an official tag, however feel free if you want to make a tag of this, otherwise you can answer any questions in the comments.

10 "You Ever" questions about blogging.

1. You ever think about asking a blogger who has no picture if they could send you one (or a few)?
LOL....oh yeah.....a few people come to mind.......right now on my list is The Mistress. There, I said it.

2. You ever been scared or shy to leave a comment on someone's blog?
Yes. I mentioned this before, but It took me a minute to comment on Nsane's site. She was cursing folks out and I was a bit hesitant. I was thinking "She'll be like who the hell is this Robert Mack dude?" she's one of my favorite people...proof that I think too much sometimes. If anyone is lurking on my blog, don't be scared. Say what up to your boy Rob..

3. Fellas, you ever think that you could be flirting with a man masquerading as a woman on blogger?
LOL! I've thought about it once or twice.

4. You ever have one blogger that you have to check out no matter how busy you are?
Because he writes just about everyday I always check out Zed.

5. You ever feel bad because you can't get to everyone's blog?
I have so much shit on my mind that I cannot get to everyone's blog, and I'll be like "damn I forgot to check them out". And work is crazy now. Back in the day, I would have plenty of time to go to everyone's blog and then some. Now, I'm lucky to have time for my own blog. I try to add people to my favorites' list so that I can see your name and remind myself to check you out.

6. You ever wanted someone, who goes to one person's blog, to come to yours as well without asking?

7. You ever dream about a blogger?
Actually, I haven't yet. Now daydream, that's different. I've had a few of those. Dreaming is the kiss of death for any kind of relationship with me. If I dream about you, that means that the relationship is over or would never start. More on that in another post.

8. You ever feel like delaying your next entry until you get a certain amount of comments from your latest entry?
I always want at least 5 comments from different people before I go on to something else. As always, thanks to all who comment or at least read and may not comment.

9. You ever go to someone else's blog just to get to another blogger's page?
LOL!!!!!!!!! Guilty!!!!!!!!!!! Don't act like I'm the only one.

10. You ever think of how long you'll be doing this?
Yeah I do. There have been times I was ready to give it up, but sometimes after reading a few bloggers, it gave me inspiration to keep going. But I'll be here for at least a year (God-willing) to reflect back. I wonder what will be going on around March of 07.

So Here's to the next 50 posts.
Hopefully more entertaining and maintaining, and less complaining.

Thanks for Reading,
Robert Mack

Thursday, August 17, 2006

You Make the Call

I keeps my blog real.

I talk about things that some cats may not want to talk about or admit because it shows true feelings. Like I told Miz JJ, I write sometimes knowing that I might get verbally ball-batted for what I say. So lets go on with today's thought.

Ok, something has been on my mind for a while, and I haven't blogged about it. I even debated writing it, but its better to talk about it to the masses of quasi psychologists (YOU ALL) right?

You ever thought you liked someone seriously because at one time you "had" them and now you don't or you're not sure?
One of my favorite people to talk about, ol Chappelle #2 has been on my mind for a lil while now. Let's recap the story.

* * * *

We started out as messing around back in November/December-ish of last year
She caught feelings in February and wanted to take it to the next level.
I didn't want to.
She wasn't happy and decided that we should end it and we didn't talk for a while.
I agreed.
She missed the little thing we had and told me that she could handle being friends with benefits.
I agreed. (LOL)
I started to date other ladies and left her alone for a while.
She was busy with work and personal life so she never noticed, or never said anything to me about it.
We've had many disagreements along the way, many of them started by me. I can be a shit starter at times, I admit.
The last time we went out I marred a great outing by acting a fool.
We stopped talking for a while after that.
About a week ago we had a long chat about things, so we're cool again.
But I don't know If I still "have" her like I did in the past.
The last time we had sex was 2 months ago, although good, I debated if I wanted to.

* * * *

Recently, I had a dream (maybe T-Cas could decipher, lol) that we were at a party and she came with a lesbian lover. A butch lesbian, at that.

So this is what I'm thinking: I miss her (stuff), and once I get it again, I'll be back to how I was before.

Or is there more?

Would I be willing to accept all of her flaws and shortcomings?

I think its the former.

To Be Continued.......but the next episode doesn't have a scheduled date yet.

Thanks For Reading,

Robert Mack

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I hope it all makes sense........

I promise you all that I try to blog on Sunday or Monday nights, and I don't know what happens!

Not much is going on, so this will be on of those "I hope it all makes sense" post today. Don't act like yall have never had one before.

Celebrity Fit Club Update:

So as you can see, I've trimmed off 8.6 pounds in just a weeks' time. And this was with little or no working out at all. I had to say that I was hyped up to see it. The main thing I did? Drank lots of water, and cut out fast food PERIOD. I feel like making a Super Size Me movie now, LOL. So the goal for this week is to get down to 215. This week I will attempt to get the cardios going. Its funny to me how people spend money for various ways of losing weight, Jenny Craig this, Dexatrim that (is that still even available? I just remember the commercials as a shorty), South Beach, Atkins, yet I can do it on my own just by cutting back on my favorite delights. Its been hard though, driving past and not getting an extra value meal. Or 3 items off of the 99 cents menu. Oh well...8.6 down, 21.2 to go.....

My cousin Smooth came into town for about 36 hours pretty much, so it really wasn't a kickin it session. His mom and our grandma was in a car accident last Wednesday, and he wanted to make sure that they were cool. They're going to be just fine, just a tad banged up. I hate to see my fav cuz under those circumstances, but its always great to see him. We didn't do much, we talked about going out on Saturday night but we went to Leona's in Hyde Park earlier and caught the itis after being out all day. Plus I had to take him to the airport early in the morn. But I have a family reunion (this time my mom's side of the family) this upcoming weekend that Smooth, Tiger, and others will be attending so we'll have time to kick it then.

One of my cousins, Jazz the beautician, sort of chided me for talking to a lot of women. I told her "well if you hook me up with your girl Nicole then I'll only be with her". I've been knowing Nicole since I was about 20, and was in love the first time I saw her. She's one of those model type looking chicks, light skin, very long black hair due to her pops being Dominican (she looks similar to Aaliyah) that be in the club all of the time and only dates guys with money. You know, ball players or slangers. But my cuz was saying that she's not on that anymore, she's older and mature. OK.

Me: Ok, well hook it up then

Jazz: Naw, she's still dealing with this guy right now. His name is Shawn.

Me: Shawn who?

Jazz: Shawn Marion

Yeah, that Shawn Marion, as in The Matrix Shawn Marion, 3 time all-star.............changed huh?

Oh, I almost forgot, I seen Ms. Stepper yesterday. I must've seen her through Moet-colored glasses (get it? LOL) that first night because when I seen her yesterday she didn't look as good as I first thought. Don't act like it's never happened to you either. I'll continue to talk to her, though. She drives an X3. Damn, I ain't no better than Nicole, huh? LOL. But I'm kidding. I did like her whip, though.

Looking back at this post, I actually did a good job today. I think it made sense. Right?

Thanks for Reading,
Robert Mack

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Celebrity Fit Club Starring Rob Mack

Alright, so as I've stated in past, I need to lose weight. I was going to wait until after Labor Day to start my "Get in Shape Campaign", but I decided to get it going now. As of Monday, I was clocked at 229.8 pounds, by far the most that I've ever weighed. The problem isn't that I'm a big eater by no means, its just that I am a fast food junkie and both of my jobs are sit down spots which lead to a lot of inactivity. Before coppin' the second job (the cable spot), I used to play basketball once or twice a week, and my weight fluctuated between 215-220. But working so much during the week doesn't allow time or energy to work out, but I'll be damned if go over 230 so I'm going to have to find the time, and eat healthier. Beginning this past Monday, I'm cutting out fried foods for a minute and increasing the water intake and fruit, as well as moderate exercising during the week. I'm not a betting man, but I'm guaranteeing that I lose at least 7 pounds by this Monday. My ultimate goal is to be down to 200 by the end of the year. The first 15 will be easy, but the last 15 will be where the work comes in. I'll keep myself and others posted.

And in other news....

This lady at work tried to hook me up with her friend. Her friend who has 3 kids. I kinda took that as an insult. I mean, seriously, when I date females now I think of the future, and in my opinion there would be no future with her. She done already bore 3 children, and seeing that I don't have any kids yet, I doubt that she is looking to bear any more. And whether I liked it or not, her kids are young, meaning I would have to be Daddy or Daddy-like to them. I could do 1 shorty, maaaaayybe even a 2nd, but 3 is out of the question. Sorry, that's just my rules. When she told me about her, I thought to myself "you must have me mistaken for a "Capt Save em all day"

"I think I'm pregnant, smile Kirk, your finally gonna be a father, oh yeah, and don't forget to pick up your cape out the cleaners." (For those that remember that song Captain Kirk on Master P's best album Ghetto D)

. So am I tripping on that? Fellas, input is needed.

Thanks for Reading,
Robert Mack

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Reunion Recap

I arrived at the hotel where our reunion was being held and of course I was running late. But I didn't feel bad because a lot of people were. It was great seeing a lot of old faces, especially some of my cousins that I grew up with in Rockford. Here are some pics from the banquet.

Lil Brother and Me

The Original Mack thinking he's cool

The Macks. LOL. Peep the pinstripes. Matched the shirt. LOL

This is my great aunt, the one who caught me with my first girlfriend in this story.

I was especially happy to see one of my cousins in particular, who was locked up for a minute. He says that he didn't have anything to do with it, and the case was eventually dropped. And now he's back living in Rockford. I'm not sure if its the "herbal refreshments" , or worse, but he and his twin looked emaciated. We're all the same height, about 6'2, and back when we were growing up we weighed 175-180 pounds. Now I packed on the pounds (more on that later), but they're only in the 170 range. They're about 2 1/2 half years younger than me, their sister is 4 years younger than me and little brother is 8 years, yet they all have kids now, the youngest with 2 already at age 19. It seems as though our lives moved in different directions after I moved back to Chicago at the end of 99. My father looks at me all the time and says that I'm blessed :)

After the banquet, we all went to some club that had a steppers night. For those that don't know, Steppin' is an style of dancing that originated in Chicago and is intended for the grown and sexy. R. Kelly featured this dancing in his "Happy People" video and if I'm not mistaken the movie Love Jones also had a scene that involved Steppin. My cousin's boyfriend Shine (because of his gold fronts) is a baller type that somehow convinced the security to let us all in even though we all weren't appropriately dressed (even my lil 19 year old cousin got in). So we're in the club now and there's a section of seats that are open with the exception of one which was being held by a nice looking light skin girl. She sees our group coming and relinquishes her chair. That's where I come in. I told her she didn't have to that; It was plenty of room for us and her. But she conceded. Now I've had a chance to check out the body. She's about 5'6', average to above average in the front and nice in the back. So I kept the conversation going. She loved to step, she hadn't been out in a while, yada yada yada. Well you all know I never go out, and I have 2 left feet. She was more than happy to try to show me how, and I did, for all of 1 minute. I felt silly, but she said I was doing fine. I told her that "I was going to need more training some time in the future".

"Oh really", she replies.

Then some dude on the dance floor calls her out while we were talking. She then goes to dance with him. I go back over to my group.
My cuz that was locked up says "Man, what's up with that? She kinda nice."
"Yeah, she's cool" I say, trying to sound like it was no big deal. LOL.
Cuz then says "Dude just kinda took her from you though."
I say "Naw its cool. She'll be back over to talk to me, watch". Really I wasn't sure, but I sure made my cuz believe me.

Shine must've told security that he was going to spend some dough if he let us in. Because we got there and he orders a couple of bottles of Moet and he asks us all (about 8 of us) to get anything we wanted. I'm not a drinker, but I wanted to see what this Mo' is all about and why it is talked about so much. I took a sip and was "OK!!!" (In my Lil Jon voice)..We even had our own waiter.

So Ms Stepper made her way back over (as If I had any doubt, LOL yeah right) and we get to talking again. This time I make sure to ask for her number. She takes my phone, and then looks through the recent calls list. "Hmm, you sure do have a lot of women's numbers in here". But she gave me her number anyway. Mack-o-meter is finally off the "0"!

Now I'm ready to get at some more chicks while I'm here, but this is a lounge, which means most of these ladies are mid 30's to early 40's (you know vets), which is ok, but I'm looking for some one closer in my age group, and Ms Stepper is 28. It was a great night. I was buzzed off of just two glasses of Moet. I'm not a drinker at all. We didn't make it back to the hotel until 6:30 that morning. I had been up for 24 hours. I always thought something would happen to you if you stayed up for more than a day, lol. But my cuz who was locked up said he had to stay up for days at a time in jail to make sure his cellmate aint try "nothing".....

Saturday is the picnic, and I get the softball game together. It was great to play with my father, and little brother, and my uncle, but I was disappointed in some of my "kin folk" teenage to early 20s cousins. They were talking shit and cursing, and it took some of the fun way from the game. I don't care how old I am, you're taught to respect your elders. When we got back to the hotel I talked to my father about it, and he said "Well Rob that's what happens when you don't have a positive male role model in your life". I thought about it, and the best behaved kids and young adults there were those who had their father in their life. Wow. A lesson learned, indeed.

Sunday is when we had our meeting to go over where our next reunion will be. The family agreed on Baltimore. My father is going to be on vacation that entire week so that he can go to NYC. And I've been wanting to go there for the longest, so if it doesn't happen before 2008, it will by then. I wonder if all of the NYC bloggers will still be around in 2 years.

My father, who was the president of the reunion this year, will also be at helm for the Baltimore function. He worked his butt off, and although things are never going to go as smooth as you liked, the man did his thing. I called him on Sunday night to thank him for everything, and he really surprises at the end.

He says "We never say I love you each other, Why is that?"

I start laughing "I'm cool with it, I always you were the one who wasn't into that"

Dad: Well lets start now. I love you

Me: I love you too.

So I had to bring this pic back for today.

Thanks for Reading,

Robert Mack

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Game of all sorts

Ok, I know for a fact that I can be very engaging, flashing my million dollar smile and bursting at the seams with personality "when I want to". I can turn on the charm like a light switch. I know that when I walk around my 2nd job, I get a lot of looks. Some ladies flirt. Sometimes I flirt back.

Which made me think of something.

I notice that if a chick I see is average looking, or has mild or medium appeal to me, I feel as though I can say whatever I want to her and feel no pressure or repercussion of what may happen next. I can smile in her face, say funny things and think to myself that I am making her day brighter by giving her a minute of my time, and if not, oh well its her loss.
However, when it comes to someone that I may be interested in, my mindset is different. I begin to think way too much. Going over different scenarios in my head. Wondering who's going to see me if I fail in my attempt. Study long, study wrong right?

So the question of the day is, does anyone else go thru that? Ladies, is this a trait that runs thru your mind as well?

Thanks for Reading,
Robert Mack

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back From The Roots, Then Back To MY ROOTS

What up Blogworld?

It was another uneventful weekend, but last night I did go to a concert at the Congress Theatre to see Pharcyde, Talib Kweli and The Roots. Now I remembered why I'm not a concert person. Chicago (and much of the midwest) is going thru a crazy heat wave with the mercury reaching triple digits the past few days. And being in a concert hall with little or no air conditioning made it no better. Add that to the fact that me and Lil One stood up for the entire four hour show led to some hurt feet, necks, and burnt nostril hairs (because people even in 2006 still don't believe in the Soap-to-body concept). For this to have been a neo-soul/true hip hop set, there were a lot of non-black people there.

The Pharcyde came on a did a few songs. Didn't really feel them or understand them.

Then after the hype man got the crowd ready, The Roots came out. They did Ok, however my feet were hurting bad (flat-footed) and I ready to go find a seat somewhere. I look at the time and it was only 10:12. Damn, 2 more hours of this, I aint gone make it! (In my best Fred Sanford voice)..

Then Talib Kweli came out. He stole the show. He was smart. He went straight to his hits to get the crowd involved. But my favorite part of the show was when he broke out into a freestyle about Chicago. He then gave a quick shout out to Lupe Fiasco, and the Kick, Push beat came on. Kweli gets the crowd to chant "Kick, Push, Kick, Push", and then guess who jumps on stage - None other than the aformentioned Lupe. The crowd went nuts, including me. I've mentioned this a few times now, but name of my blog (My Greatest Enemy is My Inner Me) is based on a line from Mr. Fiasco. He's got a major following and I hope his album finally comes out. Its been leaked to the internet a few times, causing him to push back his release date. But back to the concert......He did a verse from Kick Push and then gave the mic back to Kweli.

Kweli was easily the star of the show, as the crowd kept their hands up and danced to all of his songs. Again, he was smart because he performed all of his hits to keep the crowd involved. It was funny how I noticed this, but during Kweli and Lupe's time on the stage, my feet and neck weren't hurting at all. I'm good now. LOL. But eventually The Roots made their way back to the stage, and the pains set in again. Not saying that The Roots are wack, but I guess I'm not the biggest fan. I only went because Lil One asked. We were hoping that the show would be over, but Black Thought said "let's keep it going!", and they went on for another 20 minutes, with their piano man (I forget his name) playing a lot of today's hits from other artists. Finally, the show was over at about 12:15. I could barely walk to my car. My ears are still ringing from the blaring music. My voice is a lil hoarse, although I don't mind that (Makes it a lil deeper, LOL!!!)

There were few females in the audience, but after being in a hot auditorium and standing for hours, I wasn't in any "macking mood". I just wanted to find my car and head home to get out of my sweat drenched clothes. But the fact still remains that The Mack-o-Meter is at a standstill.

This week is my family reunion on my father's side. We alternate between different locations every 2 years, and this year it is back in Chicago. I'm in charge of getting a softball game together. If not softball, then Piggy. Anybody remember the game Piggy? Is that just a Chicago thing, because there isn't much talk about it on the internet unless it goes by a different name. Basically, a pitcher throws to a batter, and the batter keeps hitting the softball until someone in the field (or catcher if the batter strikes out) catches the ball on the fly, meaning no bounces or bobbling of the ball. If the fielder cleanly catches the ball, then he gets to bat until some one else catches the ball, and so on........

My family from out of town is going to look for me to find some hot spots for the weekend.

Yeah, that would be ME, Mr. Holed-Up-In-The-Crib. But I'll find something for them. Maybe. Hopefully.

Thanks for Reading,

Robert Mack