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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tagged by Nsane Lee Sane

I got a few things on my mind, but I'll start off with the Tag from Nsane.....

1. If you could be doing what you really want to be doing for a living, what would it be?
Acting, big screen or small screen. Personally, I really don't want to be big starlike a Brat Pitt or Tom Cruise, I wouldn't mind being someone like Clifton Powell (Pinky from Next Friday). You know, famous and making money but not constantly having your life scrutinized and being chased by papparazzi....I hate people all in my business...

2. If you could slap the shit out of any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be?
Wow, this is hard, never really thought of slapping the shit outta anyone. Maybe Mike Jones so he can quit sounding like a broken record. (Although his repetitious flows have reluctantly grown on me. Sort of.)

3. What's the dumbest decision you've made in the past 5 years?
Hmm 5 years??? I would say that I should have tried to get into acting sooner. I really didn't give it a try until 2003. But I've wanted to act since I was a freshman in college back in 97.

4. Give up one for a year: (good) sex or (good) music.
That's easy. Music. I listen to sports talk all day, so I don't need music. But good sex, BOY!....Good sex have you going around at work with a hard dick just thinking about it....

5. Dudes, would you rather have a big dick or a great sense of humor?
Ladies, nice tits & azz or common sense?
Hmm, Give me the piece like Lex Steele. Chicks can tell their friends "He aint funny, but he keep my ass climbin walls!"

6. So you've been invited to an all expense paid Blogger Prom in The Bahamas. You're sitting at the bar on the beach. Which blogger do you want to join you for hours of good convo?
Hmmm...too many to name...but the real question is Why are we in the Bahamas and just "talking"? Especially if she got on an orange bikini? (Sorry just visualizing some bad)

7. Which blogger would you most like to cuddle with on the beach? (and don't defer to your current signif other either. Infidelity won't count against you. Duh.)
Hmm, another difficult decision, this is why I could never be on a show like EliminDate, I would be trying to keep them all......Let's see....hmm *pondering*.....I'm not ready to admit my blog crush yet....(heh, heh, heh....)

8. You're going on a 5 hour road trip...which 5 CDs do you bring?
a. Notorious B.I.G. "Ready to Die" (Big's can't beat that)

b. Mary J Blige "What's the 411" (Very Hard decision between that and "Mary")

c. Jay-Z "The Blueprint" (Perfect Combo of Jams plus Lyrical Content)

d. Eminem "Slim Shady LP" (That was back when he was about lyrics. I don't know what the hell he doing now....)

e. Makaveli - "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory" (I'm not a huge Tupac fan like most, but I love this album from beginning to end)

9. Would you rather bury your children young or have your children bury you young?
That's crazy....I mean I guess the kids can bury me...I don't feel right answering that one...But I want the kids to at least live as long as me...

10. What's your biggest insecurity?
LOL. That's easy. What's the name of my blog????????????

11.What's the first blog you read every day...or however often you read them? (And I swear to God, don't be saying mine just cuz I'm the one asking...unless of course you really mean it. lol)
I check out the boy Knockout Zed every day. He very consistent with his blog, even if its just to write a quick thought (I hate whitey! Thanks, KZ........LOL!!!!) But everyone on my blog list I check out regularly. It's so hard though cuz I do get bogged down at work (and checking out Ebay, lol) so I can go days without checking out my blog or anyone else's. But please let it be known that I look at everyone's blog that leaves a comment for me. I just don't comment because sometimes if I don't have a *cognizant* thought, I'll just read it and keep going. And some people are so popular that they probably wouldn't notice If I commented or not, but I aint trying to say no names (Royce's Daughter) lol...

12. When's the last time you peed your pants?
I didn't pee "in" my pants, but I peed "on" them. I was working at Walmart as a stockman, and I was gathering carts in parking lot, and it was about 11:30 or so. I had to pee really bad and I didn't feel like going in because I had a gang of carts to corral. So since there was no one around, I decided to relieve myself by this tree in the parking lot. But it was kinda after a few seconds I looked down, and let's just say my blue jeans had a greenish tint to them (LOL....)

13. Which was better, your first kiss or your first pay check?
My first paycheck, by far....but as I write this, my first kiss wasn't bad either....good question...but I'm going with the dough..

14. Do you have kids? Naw.....? Want some?? Yeah, 3 or 4 rugrats...all with the same baby momma (wife) If I get married, aint gone be no divorcing shit....

15. You get dropped off at home after the office holiday party by your bitch azz boss that you can't effing exit the car and he peels out, runs a red light at your corner and rolls up an unsuspecting midget. The next day the midget watch groups are on TV outraged at the heartless hit and run, and are calling for any witnesses to please come fwd...that half dead midget has a family at home waiting on C-mas presents. Would you take $1000 hush money? $500? $100? A six pack?
Naw that shit would eat at me for the rest of my life....I would come clean...besides the midget watch groups probably would have a bigger reward.....

16. Live the rest of your life without your eyebrows or your fingernails? People like my thick, dark (but not John Madden-bushy, lol) eyebrows so I would lose the fingernails. That way I aint gotta worry about possibly scratching a chick's walls :)

17. What makes you angry? Females that talk about what a guy drive and how much money he got. Females that don't kiss on the first date. If we feeling each other, what's the wait?? Looking at my bank account was straight until I got the TB. I'll be straight again in about a month....Looking at these actors that turn diva and big time. You know when you hear shit like (insert famous person) requested the room temperature at 72.6 degrees and only green m&m's in a red bowl...What the fuck is that? If I ever make it big, I would be the coolest. I'll make the fan feel like the star.

18. What makes you horny? Money in bank account (gives me confidence).. Reading Nsane's blog when she talks about wet, sloppy..never mind.....Looking at Missy Negropino in her dresses...Chicks that have really wet pussies, I mean dripping. Like whoa, put some of that on me!...Cherokee from Booty Talk....hell a lot of Chicks from Booty Talk and Jake Steed "Freaks Whoes and Flows"....Thinking back on previous chicks that hit me off with some serious head (honestly I would say only 3 or 4 in my lifetime were dope with it. Maybe 5.)...Summertime in Chicago because females are dressing less and looking edible!!!! Is that enough? I can keep

19. What makes you nervous? Thinking I will still be in the same working situation 5 years from now. Thinking I will be like 35 or something and look back like "Why didn't you do that Rob when you were 27, 28,........"

20. What makes you smile? Acting. Driving now (LOL). Wondering if Dynasty's lips are really that soft looking and juicy....Looking at my blog seeing a lot of comments. That feeling of liking someone a lot and finding out that they feel the same way.

Question: Does anybody wear FUBU anymore? What about Karl Kani? I remember 1992 in 8th grade and everybody in the hood was rocking the signature Kani shirt. I wanted one really bad. I was mad because my aunt bought me 2 shirts and shorts but she didnt buy them until the summer, so didn't anyone from my school see me in them. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody seen this commercial yet? Them White boys was doing it, right? They knew the words and e'thing...

Thanks for Reading, one down 2 to go (cuz I said I was going to blog 3 times this week)

Robert Mack


Blogger Knockout Zed said...

Mack, a Lex Steele piece? Damn, man, a "non-professional" will be afraid of you dog. They'd just like to look at it and touch it.

C'mon. The cuddle shit. Look at the babes on this thing. Nsane, Dynasty, RD, Missy...bangers! You can choose one. Actually I didn't choose one either. Good move!

Booty Talk is good. All Dat Azz is better IMHO.


Tue Jun 06, 10:57:00 AM  
Blogger Nika Laqui said...

Lex Steel is too much don't you think Rob? I don't want no Lex Steele.

I guess I'm non professional Zed...

I love that commercial, cause you know whitey does that all day....

Thanks for blogging...

Tue Jun 06, 12:20:00 PM  
Blogger Dynasty said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Tue Jun 06, 12:25:00 PM  
Blogger Dynasty said...

(((blushing))) The world may never know ;)

Tue Jun 06, 02:04:00 PM  
Blogger Robert L. Mack said...

Yeah it was one particular ATAzz I was going to get, I want to say it was either 8, 9 or 10, it had a few light skin cuties...but I never got around to it...too busy...besides Limewire is good for a "quick fix" LOL...yeah I know Lex Steele might be too much, but that's only dude I know that females might know too.

Yeah the females that come to my blog are like reece's pieces....different colors yet they all taste the same. you cant go wrong eating any....LOL!!!!!!!

I already got something for tomorrow. So that will definately be 2 days in a I ever done that? That commercial is funny huh? Because its TRUE. Its a guy like that at my job right now that's like those dudes in the commercial. You go by his desk and he has nothing but Rap and R&B...but is white as rice...

Yeah I was lil more candid in this one...hey I was trying to be *honest*
No flirting with other bloggers on my page. Not allowed. Only flirting with me. Thank you. :)

Tue Jun 06, 02:10:00 PM  
Blogger Dynasty said...

My bad! I took it off...I was just trying to see what he looked like...DANG!!!

Tue Jun 06, 04:44:00 PM  
Blogger Nika Laqui said...

Rob handcuffin???/

You know thats Pimp Rule #1, no handcuffin...*lol*

Tue Jun 06, 05:22:00 PM  
Blogger Robert L. Mack said...

LOL....I was kidding...Never a handcuffer, not my style

Wed Jun 07, 08:40:00 AM  
Blogger Dynasty said...

Besides, Robert doesn't need to handcuff a cyberchick when he has the real deal beating down his door at home...LOL!

Wed Jun 07, 12:31:00 PM  
Blogger Royce's Daughter said...

This was good Mr. Mack! Awwwwwww you think I am popular *smiling*

His shyt was hilarious...Lex Steele. I see u *wink*

Wed Jun 07, 08:51:00 PM  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...

U aint say who u wanted to go to the Blogger prom with? ANd whose the crush? Im not answering mines until u answer yours?
I have alot more dresses where that came from....:)

Thu Jun 08, 08:58:00 AM  
Blogger Robert L. Mack said...

Who's beating down my door? LOL

Royce's Daughter
Hell yes you are. I need to steal some of your people and bring em my way.

I'll I'm going to say is she is very beautiful inside and out...and sexy then a the dresses coming. I love women in skirts and dresses. Easy access. LOL.

Thu Jun 08, 09:54:00 AM  

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