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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Revitalized and ready to Blog

Current Events, and more thoughts on the mind of Rob Mack:

Baseball season is back! I'm a sports fan to the 10th power, and my favorite sport is baseball, probably the most boring of the 3 major sports (football and basketball). It is the ultimate thinking man's game, with all of the different strategies and trying to figure out what the pitcher is going to throw. How did I become such a fan of the diamond? Well as I was telling someone just yesterday, I became of fan of baseball (and The Chicago Cubs) because as a 9 year old in the summer of 88, I got the chicken pox. As a kid, you always wanted the chicken pox during the school year so you could miss school. But, mine was during summer camp. Oh well. So since I was on a 2 week lockdown, my only refuge after the morning cartoons and before the afternoon cartoons was Cubs baseball. At the time, math was my favorite subject (before they get you with the Algebra and Geometry), and I would love to sit there and calculate the players' averages. The Cubs were not a good team that year, but the next year they made it to the playoffs, and anytime the Cubs make the playoffs that's front page news, as they haven't won a championship in nearly 100 years. So after the playoff fever, I became a huge fan from that point on. My family says that I picked up the baseball love from my great-grandfather, who died a few weeks before I was born.

I'm very excited about this years team, not only because we're doing good, but also the team is a lil "darker" than in years past. Baseball, unfortunately, has dwindled in the Black community as more of us play basketball and football now, but this years' team features a Black manager, Dusty Baker in his 4th season as the skipper, first baseman (and MVP runner up) Derrek Lee, outfielders Juan Pierre and Jacque Jones, infielders Jerry Hairston Jr and Freddie Bynum, and pitcher Jerome Williams. Go Cubs! (I root for the White Sox as well, but my heart is with the Cubs).

Alright I'm off the sports soapbox now. (LOL)

I was given the day off on Saturday from the second job (the cable spot), so I won't make any guarantees but I'm hoping for some action this weekend. Maybe me and Lil One will make the trek to a club. Something low-key, with some North Side chicks. I'll explain what I mean by that at a later date (For the record, my last ex "Southern Belle" and the unnamed chick were both North Side chicks).

I didn't go out with the young chick, who I'll name "Miss Green", because Chicago was hit with crazy torrential downpours on Sunday and like I said before, she lives about an hour and some minutes from me, so we rescheduled for this weekend.

I think Brandy (chick I got the number from but I haven't called) is kinda mad cuz I never called, but so what? She ain't a dime or nothing, and I don't care. Yeah she thick but what else?

Have you ever liked someone but just not quite enough to make them your girl/guy?That's how I feel about Chappelle # 1. Sucks too, because she's a really nice girl. (And its too hot for the basement smelling Triple Fat Goose coat now, LOL!!!!!!!!!)

The boy Knockout Zed is back and regaling us with Tales from Florida!

I thought I had more to talk about but I guess this is it, so I'll end it here.

Thanks for Reading as Always,

Robert Mack


Blogger NegroPino™ said...

GO RED SOX>......Wanna place a friendly wager?

Tue Apr 18, 01:01:00 PM  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...

when I chirp shawty chirp back

Tue Apr 18, 01:03:00 PM  
Blogger Dynasty said...

Robert, you are a mess. I wish I was a playa like you...LOL!

Tue Apr 18, 02:27:00 PM  
Blogger Robert L. Mack said...

@Ms New Booty...part 1
Where ya been????...You all are doing good with Schilling back and yall picked up Josh Beckett and the new closer Papelbon, but yall lost the heart and soul Johnny "Jesus" Damon to the damn Yanks! But hmm, yeah we could do a lil wager.

@Ms New Booty part 2
Practice what you preach. You should know what I mean by that *wink*

LOL....I'm not a player at all...just haven't found "the one" yet. I'm sure you feel me there. But looking back, I guess I do talk to a few women, huh? But like a great man once said, I don't confuse QUANTITY with QUALITY. Seems like QUALITY is some 980 (give or take) miles away............

Tue Apr 18, 03:37:00 PM  
Blogger Mr.Slish said...

What do you mean you have nothing to talk about...Baseball is something. Ya know I find myself creating drama just so I can have something to write

I know I'm pitiful but I'M NOT ASHAMED!!!

Tue Apr 18, 03:53:00 PM  
Blogger Dynasty said...

Point well taken ;)

Tue Apr 18, 04:32:00 PM  
Blogger Robert L. Mack said...

Yeah well I guess when I get in the blogging mood I write more. Last week just wasn't a good week I guess. I'll try to never go more than say a week without saying something...and yeah I left some comments about your situation...I wouldn't be surprised if those two somehow run into each other...

Tue Apr 18, 04:34:00 PM  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...

WEll i hope this week is better for ya :)

They said the same thing about NoMar, Pedro...........and now look ...the greatest most expenisve team in teh league and tehy havent' won a series in how long?

Wed Apr 19, 07:25:00 AM  
Blogger Royce's Daughter said...

New to your blog, very got alotta Boo's though LOL!! You say your not a playa, so do you just crush a lot? *Nevamind*

Wed Apr 19, 10:20:00 AM  
Blogger Robert L. Mack said...

@Ms New Booty
Looks like this week for you was like how mine was last week. I wasn't angry or anything, just didn't have much to talk about. Saving one story for down the line...Maybe when the White Sox come to Boston we'll come up with something then

Royce's daughter
Thanks for coming by. Love when new peeps come by. You gave me an idea for my next entry. I don't think I'm a player, but maybe I should look up the definition from and see what they i crush a not really....if I'm with one chick then yeah, but in the past few years I've actually went 4 and 5 months at a time without it.

Wed Apr 19, 11:06:00 AM  
Blogger Dynasty said...

See, I told you...LOL!

Wed Apr 19, 01:33:00 PM  
Blogger i like liquor and tv said...

The only thing worse than watching Baseball on TV in the summertime is watching Big Brother on TV every summer.

I'm guilty of one of these, guess which one.

Wed Apr 19, 03:35:00 PM  

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