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Friday, April 28, 2006

Here's to the Weak-end?

Well, first I'm going to keep a promise. Here's a better picture of Lake Michigan from my crib on the 20th floor. Damn, it does look nice if I say so myself. You can click on it to get the full view if you wish.

Well I've got a hectic week ahead for me. I call it the countdown.

4. Next Thursday I have to go to court.

3. Hopefully immediately after that I will go and get my license renewed.

2. Sometime before that weekend is over, I would like to be whippin' a TB. (But 4 and 3 have to happen first, especially 3)

1. I have the play on next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I'm getting lauded and applauded for my acting efforts. I guess it is truly my calling, because I was shocked and humbled at the verbal bouquets that were being tossed my way. I was just trying to do a job and not mess up. But I do enjoy acting a lot.

I feel like I need to step my blog game up, because lately I've only been doing 1 or 2 a week. I'm not trying to fall off like my boy Venom. (LOL) I just got a lot on my mind, with the week ahead. Someone told me that I'm obsessed with getting a new truck. LOL. Its not that, its just that I'm afraid that Dora (my 96 ford explorer) is going to die on me on the way to work. But remember when I said she was leaking antifreeze? She hasn't done it in a while, luckily. I'm hoping she can survive another week or 2 and then I'm going to put her to rest (or at least have someone else take her on. Good Luck to that person, she's old and can do it like she used to. LOL) I think once I get my legal and whip situation together that I will be more inclined to blog.

This weekend I don't have anything planned as usual, but I'm sure that Miss Green is going to want to do something. Maybe I'll tell her that I have frat business a la Zed. I really would like to rest, go to work on Saturday night, and watch the Bulls playoff game on Sunday. An action packed weekend, indeed.

Thanks everyone for reading,

Robert Mack

Monday, April 24, 2006

That's a WRAP

Ok so here's a recap of the last few days:

* I renewed my lease at my apartment. That means I'll be a South side Chicagoan thru May of 2007. It doesn't seem like a year. Maybe its because I'm not home that much so I don't have too much time to stare at the walls. I am fairly please with my apartment building. Yeah it has its quirks, like the hot water acts up from time to time. But the management is always on site, as well as the maintenance peeps. I live in a high rise in South Shore. Here's a pic of Lake Michigan from my apt that I took from my phone. I'll take a better picture later. In South Shore, parking is at a premium. Better yet, parking is a b***h, as I had to parallel park for up to 3 blocks away some nights in my previous building, but here I have underground parking. When people would ask me what I liked about my new place, the first words were always "Underground Parking"! If this same apartment building was on the North (aka White) side of town, the rent would easily be 300 more a month. So what did I do to celebrate? I played hookie from my second job (the cable spot) today, ordered a 5 piece with extra mild sauce from Harolds', and watched my Bulls lose again to the Heat. But they givin' them boys a hard time. Now it's time for them to come to Chi-town for a couple of games. I bet the Bulls win both. Dwyane Wade never does good in Chicago because its his hometown and he tries to do too much. I love his Converse commercial though. Fall Seven Times and Get Up Eight. He should be a Bull, but that damn Pat Riley stole him from us. Oh well. Get off the soapbox, Rob.

* As quickly as I was the star of show, I was benched. Not because I was terrible, but the director felt like I wouldn't have enough time (roughly 2 weeks) to learn the lead role, especially considering I have 2 jobs to go to. So now I'm going to play the pastor.........LOL.....ironic huh, the nickel bag totin' preacher!......."I just need a lil for my cataracts".....
I have mixed feeling about the demotion. Yeah, one one hand, I'm relieved because I wasn't sure If I could learn all of the lines in such a short time, but on the other hand, it would have been a great challenge. And I'm going to miss the potential practice kissing scenes with the leading lady, because she is a nice one!! Oh well.....I'll be the best weed tokin and totin pastor that I could be! It did make me realize that I do truly love acting, which is why I'm going to give it my full attention after this year.

* Finally met up with "Miss Green", the young girl from my previous story. I seen a couple of her pics on her "Myspace" page, and she was nice looking. The girl that hooked us up said that she had a nice body. So on the way over there, I kept messing with her, because she had never seen me; we'd just talked over the phone. I kept saying "You don't know what I look like. I could be Dikembe Mutombo rolling thru!". So when I met Miss Green in person, I was pleased. Ah, nothing like 20 year old poon poon (LOL)....... When I saw her, It made me think to why 19 and 20 year olds star in my favorite Jake Steed and Booty Talk selections and draw the ire of women on the other side of their 30's. You see, these freshly legal chicks still possess that high school high metabolism, you know where she can eat extra value meals and flamin' hots all day and not gain a pound whatsoever, except in the right places. Miss Green tried to show me that she had a stomach and damned near broke her skin while trying to create a love handle. I get out there and I'm thinking that we're going to go out, but she'd rather sit and chill. Sh.. that's cool with me. That means I get to watch the basketball playoffs and not come outta pocket? That's the win-win (LOL) ! It's pretty sufficient to say that she's feeling the boy, with constant questions of "Why are you sitting so far from me" and subtle remarks like "Hmm its too bad we're not at your house". Oh really?
But (because there's always a but), I just don't know about Miss Green. For one she lives too far. Anyone with mapquest can look up Chicago IL 60649 to Elgin, IL and see the distance, and tack on about 30 mins to that because of Chi-town traffic. I did the commute thing last summer with a chick, and I still haven't financially recuperated (LOL), not to mention that I never even got a taste of that ass. But I digress.
Another reason I'm not sure about Miss Green is that she is going to be another smash and grab job. And I got a feeling that she catches feelings quick. Then again I'm also sensing vibes that she is just a young chick looking to get broke off properly by an older cat. LOL, well in any case, I'm going to try to think this one thru with the head on top of my shoulders, not the head that makes legs touch the shoulders.

Thanks for reading,

Robert Mack

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Normally on Wednesday nights, I'm headed home to watch some Around the Horn and Judge Mathis that's been stored on the DVR. I can't even make the first 30 mins of the show without falling asleep. See, I've worked both jobs on Mondays and Tuesdays, getting only about 4 hours of sleep in on said nights. Wednesday come and I need to recharge for the rest of the week, so I get home and try to watch tv but eventually the tv is watching me.... :)

This particular Wednesday, there would be a slight detour to my humble abode (at least I thought it would be slight). I was going to visit my grandmother, to help her get a new cell phone. Her old one stop coming on, and the guy at the store said that it was not the battery. Not sure of what to do (and not having the proper funds to buy another), I told her I would buy her another. Sidenote: That's one of the reasons I have 2 jobs, so that I can help out a family member in need, as long as its just a "couple dollars". LOL

I go to grandma's house, but she is not there. WTF? She's a Senior Citizen, she should be at home watching Matlock or Murder She Wrote. Oh well, I'll just head home then, because I am quite sleepy. Then I get a call from Tiger. We get the Hello's and Wzup's out the way, and she passes the phone to phone to our other cuz, Jazz the beautician/actress.

Jazz: Where you at
RM: Uh, on 47th and Lake Shore Dr.
Jazz: Alright, come by the shop.
RM (reluctantly..) Aiight.

surprisingly, my grandmother and one of my aunts are already at the shop. Cool, I can kill two birds with one stone here. I get there and Jazz is telling me about this play that she would like for me to be in. She told me about it the other day, but I just can't do it because, again I have the jobs and no time for myself hardly. But, the guy chosen to play this character in the play just stop coming, for reasons unknown. She really needs me to play this guy, and I'm supposedly going to get paid (But I'm skeptical on that front. I'll believe when I see it). Ok, fine. I do need some work, because I haven't done anything this year.

I guess this would be an appropriate time to tell the masses that I have interests outside of computer and cable companies. I'm also an aspiring quasi-actor, for I've been an extra in a few movies. If you blink twice you won't see me (LOL). My goal right now is to continue to work both jobs thru the rest of this year to save money (and get my TB), and then next year try to give as much time to my craft as possible, hoping for a speaking role in something, even if its to say a simple line like "I can get that for you". The difference between saying a few words on camera and being an extra is thousands, literally. This play is far from the Silver Screen, but it is work to put on a resume, you know?

So as Jazz's daughter hands me the script, I ask her which character is me. Her daughter says "Shawn. He's the main character."


The main character?

This play is scheduled for May 5th, 6th, and 7th. So, um.....that would mean 2 weeks to memorize the lines to the MAIN CHARACTER and work 2 in the hell am I going to do this?????

Throughout all of this, my aunt pulls me over to the side for a little chat.

Aunt V: Robert, you don't smoke blunts do you?
RM: Naw, I don't mess around
Aunt V: So you don't know a weedman?
RM (surprised): Naw auntie, I'm not sure. I mean I got boys that know peeps, but not me personally
Aunt V: Alright well take this, get rid of it for me (She hands me a lil nickel bag)
RM (laughing): Ok.

So now I got a bag on me, in addition to trying to learn this play.

As I'm skimming thru the play, The guy Shawn looks like an easy character to morph into, as he and I are similar : Hard working, messy crib, looking for love. Shawn is a little more lame than me though. He's ready to marry a chick after dating her for 6 months! Ok, I can do this (I think). Jazz informs me that there is rehearsal tonight. Damn, I am trying to get home to let my body regenerate some energy, but I haven't met any of these other actors and I need to build chemistry and rapport with them, especially the love interest that I'll have.

So we get to the rehearsal, and I come in, meet everyone, do the handshakes and pounds, and one of the ladies was like "hey you dropped something". I looked down and, low and behold, it was the nickel bag that my aunt gave me earlier. I forgot I even had the damn thing.

Talk about being embarrassed. And these are church folk. I pick up the bag, saying "It's not mine. I don't smoke, really" And they were looking like, "Uh-huh. Yeah. Sure". The only thing that would save me in the court of law would be a drug test, because right now I would be GUILTY! I felt so bad, but it seems as though it was quickly forgotten. But now, the next time an NBA player is busted for some weed in his car and he says "It aint mine", maybe I won't be so quick to judge. LOL.

Wow, my love interest is quite the cutie. Peanut Butter complexion, Tig Ole's and backfield in motion.....HIKE!.....There was one scene that called for us to come real close as if we're about to kiss, and it crept up on me....when I read it, I just started laughing hysterically. I just met this girl, and I'm supposed to be up on her like this? So after getting the laughs out, we continue the scene. After going over a few more acts, the rehearsal is over for the night. Everyone gives compliments to me, seeing as though I just got the script a few hours prior. Still, how in the hell am I going to memorize all of this? But, I look at it as a blessing, because I did wonder if I was going to do anything this year with me being so busy. Me and the lead "Jasmine" (because that's her characters' name) exchange numbers to get together for some extra rehearsal time one on one (hmm.....will life imitate art here......)

Again, how am I going to memorize all this in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn its now 11:00. I still haven't got any sleep, and I haven't ate all day. So I go to the local italian beef spot, and in there I see this FINE ass female....she look like a slightly darker, shorter version of Salli Richardson, for real. I put my order thru, and I notice that she's having back and forth banter with the guy washing the windows. Not sure what they were talking about, but I heard those 5 words that men love to hear. "I don't have a boyfriend. But its by choice. I just have associates". Now, if my game was tight, I was supposed to pounce on that right away. Instead, I let it register and continued to daydream. She's still going back and forth with the window cleaning dude, while chatting on her Sidekick. Damn, I know she aint say that for Habib the window man, that's gotta be for me right? Ain't no other dudes in here, and there's an older couple. She get's her food, and walks out. All the guys behind the counter say bye to her (cuz that's how dope she was), and I say bye too. Eff that, I gotta at least say something to I go out, trying to put my bid in, but she wouldn't let me get her number. She did take mine, though. Will she call? Doubt it, not holding my breath. But, she left me with something. She told me "Next time, try to talk to me while I'm still in the store".


A great woman told me "A closed mouth doesn't get fed". How true is that..............How true is that.........

Thanks for Reading,

Robert Mack

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Revitalized and ready to Blog

Current Events, and more thoughts on the mind of Rob Mack:

Baseball season is back! I'm a sports fan to the 10th power, and my favorite sport is baseball, probably the most boring of the 3 major sports (football and basketball). It is the ultimate thinking man's game, with all of the different strategies and trying to figure out what the pitcher is going to throw. How did I become such a fan of the diamond? Well as I was telling someone just yesterday, I became of fan of baseball (and The Chicago Cubs) because as a 9 year old in the summer of 88, I got the chicken pox. As a kid, you always wanted the chicken pox during the school year so you could miss school. But, mine was during summer camp. Oh well. So since I was on a 2 week lockdown, my only refuge after the morning cartoons and before the afternoon cartoons was Cubs baseball. At the time, math was my favorite subject (before they get you with the Algebra and Geometry), and I would love to sit there and calculate the players' averages. The Cubs were not a good team that year, but the next year they made it to the playoffs, and anytime the Cubs make the playoffs that's front page news, as they haven't won a championship in nearly 100 years. So after the playoff fever, I became a huge fan from that point on. My family says that I picked up the baseball love from my great-grandfather, who died a few weeks before I was born.

I'm very excited about this years team, not only because we're doing good, but also the team is a lil "darker" than in years past. Baseball, unfortunately, has dwindled in the Black community as more of us play basketball and football now, but this years' team features a Black manager, Dusty Baker in his 4th season as the skipper, first baseman (and MVP runner up) Derrek Lee, outfielders Juan Pierre and Jacque Jones, infielders Jerry Hairston Jr and Freddie Bynum, and pitcher Jerome Williams. Go Cubs! (I root for the White Sox as well, but my heart is with the Cubs).

Alright I'm off the sports soapbox now. (LOL)

I was given the day off on Saturday from the second job (the cable spot), so I won't make any guarantees but I'm hoping for some action this weekend. Maybe me and Lil One will make the trek to a club. Something low-key, with some North Side chicks. I'll explain what I mean by that at a later date (For the record, my last ex "Southern Belle" and the unnamed chick were both North Side chicks).

I didn't go out with the young chick, who I'll name "Miss Green", because Chicago was hit with crazy torrential downpours on Sunday and like I said before, she lives about an hour and some minutes from me, so we rescheduled for this weekend.

I think Brandy (chick I got the number from but I haven't called) is kinda mad cuz I never called, but so what? She ain't a dime or nothing, and I don't care. Yeah she thick but what else?

Have you ever liked someone but just not quite enough to make them your girl/guy?That's how I feel about Chappelle # 1. Sucks too, because she's a really nice girl. (And its too hot for the basement smelling Triple Fat Goose coat now, LOL!!!!!!!!!)

The boy Knockout Zed is back and regaling us with Tales from Florida!

I thought I had more to talk about but I guess this is it, so I'll end it here.

Thanks for Reading as Always,

Robert Mack

Friday, April 14, 2006

Microcosmic Mack

As its nearing the end of the work week, I've noticed that I've only had one entry this week. Why? Because I just don't feel like writing anything.

Is that wrong?

No. Not at all.

There hasn't been any major news or great happenings in the small world of Rob Mack, so I've haven't been in a scribing mood. I always say that if I do have a boring week, I would regale the reading world of past dealings with women. But I don't even want to write about that.

My mood changes, for I am a classic Gemini. Now next week, or even tomorrow, I might have an essay for the masses to gage upon. But now, I don't have much to say.

Oh yeah, I have a tentative date with the young chick from the previous story on Sunday. Maybe I'll write about it, Maybe I won't (LOL).

I do have a question: Ladies (men feel free to contribute as well), the summer is coming and I'm trying to get my cologne game up. What are some scents that drive you wild? I currently have one keeper on the team, which is Jean Paul Gaultier. But what else is out there that I might be sleep on? (And please, don't tell be about AXE. LOL)

Have a good weekend, and as always, Thanks for reading up on the boy,

Robert Mack

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Do you ever?

More of random thoughts/current events.

* Fellas, (or ladies), you ever felt like you were under pressure to date someone that "has it all", or better yet someone that meets the approval of your family or friends? I ask because I feel as though people expect me to be with a certain type of female, a prissy "ballerina" type (LOL). I think that further adds to me being picky. My father is a handsome man (I look like a taller, slender version of him) and my mom is very beautiful. Both are in their late 40's but you would never know at first glance. So I guess part of me is going thru a thing where I want someone who is as beautiful as my mom was at this age. Yeah I know what your saying, I gotta pick someone that I'm truly happy with, I can't live my life for others, yada yada yada...I didn't ask for all of that, I just want to know if others(especially my brothas) go through this same thing?

* Fellas (or ladies), you ever know a chick (or man) that you have moderate interest in but don't really pursue her (or him)? Last week at my 2nd job, this chick named Brandy had interest in the boy that I didn't know about, and just playing around with her , I say "Brandy, let me get your number." Now I'm expecting her to laugh it off and be done with it, but a minute later she stops by my desk with her contacts on a ripped piece of paper. Ok, I'll take it! On Saturday, a few days after "coppin the digits" (LOL), I see Brandy again. I say hello, expecting the same back. But the first words out of her mouth are "Why didn't you call?" Wow. I didn't even think she remembered. I guess she was feeling the boy more than I thought. I came up with some bs excuse, well I am truly busy but if I'm really intrigued, I will find a way to keep in contact. My problem is this, Brandy is a decent looking chick , peanut butter complexion, micro-braided hair, she's thick but she's an extra value meal away from being "big boned". I feel bad because I asked for her number but I don't think I would want anything else but a quick hit or two, and I'm not *trying* to be on that right now (although my actions sometime prove otherwise). And I think that I'm trying to hold out for a more desirable chick as well, and I don't want another sex partner added to the list if she ain't a possible girlfriend. And Brandy aint a possible GF in my opinion. But baby girl is thick, LOL.

* Fellas (or ladies), do you know someone that if, you all could be together, you know for a fact, without a doubt, that it would be love? But that person has another mate?

* I got hooked up with a 20 year old chick by a friend at work. I checked out her picture on her "Myspace" page, and she's nice looking. Problem is she stays all the way out in Elgin, which is a good 60-90 (depending on traffic) from the South Side of Chicago. And she is supposedly going to school out of the area in the fall (although I have not confirmed that yet). So I'm not sure if she is girlfriend material either, but could be a summer back up plan for those nights I don't want to deal with "Mrs Palmer" (LOL, I love that terminology).

* I also feel a need to disclose that just because a women has a child, does not count that person out in my eyes. I just have preferences like the next person, that's all. I might have riled up a few readers (LOL) with my thoughts last week. *Robert luv the kids* I dated a girl last year who had an 8 year old daughter that I liked a lot and she felt the same about me. Apparently the daughter liked me more than the momma, (LOL, maybe that story may come up sometime.....), but that's ok. You live and you learn.

* Just open my mouth. That's what I try to tell myself. Quit assuming so much. Saturday morning, I went into Walgreens, and as I go to the check-out, I notice a pretty, older, short haired woman behind the register. Her facial expression was "don't bother me, just check out your items and get going!". Well I wanted to test that hypothesis, so as I'm checking out, I tell her "Don't look so mean". She then gives a big smile and says "Am I looking mean? I'm not mean, its just been a long morning, that's all. You just wanted to see me smile." And I come back with "Yes, I admit it, but it is a nice smile". (I told you all I have some game, just scared to use it, LOL). The point of that story is that I need to quit assuming, but that's what happens when you think too much. Just like a ball player. It's funny how life and sports imitate one another. A basketball player that thinks too much on the court will not be on the court for long. You ever notice that when a player has an open shot and it takes him an extra two or three seconds to shoot the ball, more times than not he will throw up a brick? Study long, study wrong, indeed.

*There are some very attractive bloggers out there. They know who they are.......*wink*

Thanks all for reading,

Robert Mack

Friday, April 07, 2006

Random thoughts of the Great Midwestern Man

It's been a very busy and hectic week, so today's installment is going to be some summarized thoughts on current events and what's on my mind.

* I went to court yesterday. I was nervous because the judge was no-nonsense, scolding anyone who didn't have their information ready. My case was so old that he passed it off to the prosecutor. But the prosecutor was not as scolding. He seemed rather pleasant. "Robert, I could make you pay this fine, but........" All I have to do is bring in a few forms next month, and my 1541 fine is reduced to 220. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* I think I like "Chappelle # 1" more than I might have said in the past. She is a really nice, smart girl, and can be pretty when she wants to be. She's brown skinned, has medium brown eyes, and has cute dimples. And we have a good, friendly relationship. I just wish that she didn't have a daughter, and plus she's a smoker. She claims that she doesn't do it much, but the other day I noticed a pack of Newport's in her purse. I'm not too fond of smokers, sorry for those who do.

* Chappelle # 2 called me too, left a message saying "Hey Robert, I just wanted to call you, didn't want to be a stranger". I wasn't going to call back, and I haven't, yet. But I didn't want to be a total a..hole so I did send her an email. But she's on vacation. I might call her. Maybe.

* The chick that fell off of the face of the earth (who I've left unnamed) finally called me, when I sent a 2nd email to her asking where the hell she was (thanks to Tiger for recommending I email her one more time)....We had a good 30 to 40 min convo about things, and she's just going thru some things (she lost job, apt). She had to move out of her apt and is staying with a friend until she can get back on her feet, but she does start a new job on Monday. She apologized over and over for not calling me, but I understood. I don't like talking to too many people when I'm down and out as well. Of course me being the classic overthinker thought it was something with me, but she assured me that it was nothing with me whatsoever, and I even went over to see her yesterday.

* I got my new schedule at the second job (the cable spot). I'm going to be off on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays starting May 21st. Just in time for the summer.

* To my fellas who suffer from razor bumps, you might want to invest in some Andis clippers (the kind I currently have are called the Styliner II) . Just adjust the blades a little, and it gives you a close shave (as if you used a razor blade) without scratching up your face and causing bumps like other clippers (like Wahls) do. I wanted to wait about 2 weeks before giving it my full approval, but I've been using them for about 10 days now and my skin (especially under my neck) hasn't been this smooth since before I started shaving, honestly. Andis clippers are more expensive than what you would find in Walmart, as they are the kinds that a lot of barbers use. But TRUST ME, its worth it. You can find them at your local Chinese (LOL) beauty supply store for like 50 or so, but you can get them off of Ebay for about 35-37 (which is where I got mine.)

*Another note about shaving, I decided to go with the baby face for court so I could look young and innocent and non threatening (LOL), and I was looking at my bald face, laughing, thinking when I was 16 I couldn't wait to grow facial hair so I could look about 25, and now that I'm 26 I don't mind looking 16 now.

*I'm going to get my TB by my b-day (May 27), and no one is going to stop me! Well except for the state, if they don't allow me to renew my license, haters....

That's it for now, thanks e'ybody for reading, Hope you all have a great weekend,

Robert Mack

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

ASK, and you shall RECEIVE

What a difference a day makes.

Last Thursday, I was mentioning how I wished that I would find chicks that would come over to the crib late at night waiting on me. Well, the next day it happened, unexpectedly.

Friday night, I received my check from my second job (the cable spot). I always figure my check to be around the same, but this week it was an extra 122 dollars! I guess I was really humping on the cable front for the past few weeks! Well, seeing that it was a Friday night and no one to call, I was going to do what some guys with a couple of excess dollars do - go to the strip joint. I've never been before by myself, but I was really in the mood for a lap dance or two, and afterwards I was probably going to go home and call up *Mrs Palmer and her five daughters* and watch some "Andy Griffith" (LOL for those who seen Martin Lawrence "You So Crazy", you know what I mean).

As I'm heading to my whip, I check my phone. Wow, 3 missed calls. One from Blueprint, always doing his weekly checkup on the boy. I love him for that. Another from "Virgin Girl" (because she's a 25 year old virgin, I talked about her briefly in a fellow blogger's comments. She may come up in later stories), asking when are we going to go out. And then the 3rd call is from "Chappelle #1". You remember her, right? From my "Current Affairs" post. The one that I used to "holla at" a few months back, we work together, and she thought she wanted "more"? Then she changed up a few times deciding if she wanted to talk to me at all? Well after the last time she quasi-apologized, I was done with her. I was tired of the back and forth, the wavering. So I stopped talking to her. But, I've been noticing something about Chappelle #1. She's been dressing better, keeping the hair done, and hasn't had the "basement smell". Maybe it was that old "First Down" coat that was contributing to the scent (LOL, it wasn't a First Down, but remember those circa 1994? E'ybody in the hood had one, not me of course). I wouldn't mind being back on speaking terms with her but my pride set in and just said eff it. Well I get a message from her stating "I want to talk to you, but I'd rather do it face to face so that there isn't any miscommunication". I already knew what time it was.

Let's backtrack to earlier that day. I get an instant message from another co-worker, Sharonda, and it reads "Robert. Come over to my desk. I got something to tell you". (Sidenote: Sharonda was fired yesterday, and I'm going to miss her. She always told me what the chicks were saying about me). So I head over to Sharonda's desk in anticipation of what she's about to divulge to me, and here's how the conversation goes:

S: Guess What?
RM: what
S: I was at lunch with Chappelle #1 and she says that she wants to come over your house tonight with a trenchcoat on with nothing under it! So are you going to handle that?
RM (smiling but keeping composure): Well if she wants anything to go down she's going to have to come to me

*Let me just add in here that Chappelle #1 broke it off with me because she wanted more. I tried to see if I could still hit that anytime, but she wanted nothing of it. So I told her I wouldn't try anymore. That's why I told Sharonda that she would have to come at me*

S: Well you know she's shy, so she might not say anything
RM: Well if she wants it, she'll get at me. And I'll leave it at that.

So fast forward back to Friday night. I call her.

C1: You're not about to go home and go straight to sleep are you?
RM: Naw
C1: Well I just really needed to talk to you about some things and I would rather do it face to face.
RM: Ok, you need me to pick you up?
C1: No, I can drive out to your house
*Wow, she doesn't have a car, so she must've gotten a hold of the keys from Auntie Supervisor and her new whip*
RM: Aiight cool, well meet me at the crib.

I swear I was chubbed up the whole ride home, thinking of what might happen. I meet up with her, park her car in my garage and head up to the pad. We go straight to my room, because the crib is a mess (2 jobs don't give you a lot of time or the wherewithal to clean up. I try to designate Sunday as my clean up day, but since its my only day off from both jobs, I'm trying to catch on rest as well as other errands).

C1: I just wanted to see where we stand, because I try to talk to you but it seems like you're mad at me.
RM: Well yeah, the wavering back and forth did become frustrating, so I just decided to just keep it professional with you
C1: I just needed to think things through because I just got caught up in what I thought I wanted.
RM: Ok, I understand that.
C1: So you're not mad?
RM: I'm cool (because I don't like to say I'm mad. LOL)
C1: Ok then (As she heads for the door and puts on her coat rather abruptly).
RM: Where the hell are you going? First off, you're in my garage, so you can't get out without my keycard anyways, and why are you in a rush?
C1: I just wanted to talk to you face to face to see where we stand, and now I know.
(Now keep in mind that she stayed in the western burbs, and I know she ain't drove all the way out to South Side Chicago for a 5 minute chat.)
RM: Well take your coat off and stay a while. Let's watch some TV.
C1: Ok then (She's taking her coat off now)
RM: So do you still like me?
C1: Well I told you in the email a couple of weeks ago that I missed talking to you and joking around with you.
RM: No, I mean are you still attracted to me?
C1: Well, yeah. I mean that's not something that just goes away.
RM: Here's lay down for a minute.

She quickly obliges. We start kissing passionately, and clothes are coming off. But I stop her midstream. I told her I needed some head. Chappelle#1 had never blessed me before, because she says that she has to be in the mood to. Well tonight was strictly on my terms. It had to be my way, or the highway, literally. Well I must've got her in the mood because she followed through with my wishes. She was pretty good. I'm mad because she was holding out on the *education* (LOL). Soon after we get into the "grown up". It had been a while, so I was trying to make up for lost time, trying to do every position I could think of - "Up, down and around even sideways". surprisingly, I lasted quite a while, getting her to climax a few times. But remember what I said earlier - this was on my terms. I was ready for my own chance to pop a money shot, but I told her I wanted her to "service me until completion" (All the talk about my experience with Tiny had me thinking about it)....Now of course Chappelle#1 had never even gave me head before, and now I'm asking for the ultimate? At first she wouldn't say yes or no, but then after assisting her reach her point a few times, she couldn't help but to return the favor. I swear I felt like the guy off of Scary Movie when I bussed. She told me she only did that once before.

We layed down and went to sleep. She left just before the crack of dawn.

So what now? I don't know. Maybe it was just a one time thing to relieve stress. I won't actively pursue any other "dealings" with Chappelle#1. She's a nice girl but I just don't know about a relationship with her. But it's pretty sufficient to say that we are back on talking terms, LOL!

On another note, I'm really anticipating my court date tomorrow. I'm ready to get this matter behind me and get my new whip by May 27.

Thanks for reading,

Robert Mack

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blogworld, I'm busy

Hello out there! I received a call from a certain beautiful young lady asking me about updating my blog. I have a great story to tell about last Friday night, however I've been busy the last few days so I'll be updating the blog either sometime this afternoon or early tomorrow morning.

Thanks for coming by, and keep reading!

Robert Mack