My Greatest Enemy is My Inner Me

This blog will tell the story of an up-and-coming young black man in his 20's

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My First Post

Hello, All of you out in the internet world. Somehow, someway, you've come across my blog. My name is Robert Mack, just a nickname that I've had now for a few years. I decided to base this blog off of my life experiences, mainly with the opposite sex, but I'll also tell stories about everyday life in general. Mostly I would like to use this blog as a "coming-of-age" story of a young black man in his mid-20's. I would like to tell past stories, and I hope to tell compelling stories of my future. Let me fill you in on who I am.

Age: Mid-20's
Height: 6'2
weight: 220 (or so)
Race: Black (dark-skinned)
Location: Chicago, IL, south side
Status: No kids, never been married, 100% straight, no "DL" in me (LOL)
Job: 2 jobs....One at a prominent computer company, the other at a prominent cable company.

Tall, dark and handsome. I've been told that I look like a lot of people, maybe its because I have a common looking face, but ever since my freshman year in high school the person I've been told I look like the most is NBA player Chris Webber. Now at first, I didn't like it, but once I realized that Chris Webber once won an award for being voted the "sexiest man in the NBA", the comparison didn't bother me anymore (LOL). So I am definately a man in demand. MY biggest problem is, I don't believe that all of the time. My biggest downfall is my lack of confidence, hench the title "My Greatest Enemy is My Inner Me", a line I picked up from a rapper named Lupe Fiasco, an up-and-comer from Chicago that I'm a big fan of.Throughout most of my dating life (I really didn't begin until I was 18, with an already pregnant chick nonetheless. Maybe I'll tell that story later) I've usually "settled" for the average chick. Because throughout my childhood I was always chided for being "chocolate" or being nerdy, even being called gay, so my confidence was low from the start of puberty. And now that I'm much older, I still let those childhood memories get the best of me, especially when it comes to talking to women. My feeling is that a very pretty women either already has a man or is looking for a "Balla". And I refuse to pay some other chick's bills, hell I have my own that I have to deal with. So in the end, I'll end up with a chick that I really didn't like but she was around and I was bored (read: horny). Every now and then I'll come across a winner, but for whatever reasons it didn't work out the way I'd like, so I was back to square 1. I've had countless females tell me I have no reason to feel like this, but it's the one monkey that I cannot get off of my back. I've passed up a lot of potential women because I was, for a lack of a better word, "scared" to make a move for fear of rejection. One of the worst feelings in the world is to find out maybe months or years later that a chick you liked but was scared to get at had similar interests in you. Of course now she's married or is someone's "baby moma", which ends any chance of making up for lost time. I will keep this blog 100% true, with the obvious exception of real names to protect the innocent (or guilty, LOL). I will not be ashamed to make myself look bad, because to me its all a learning experience. So with all of this, I bring you Robert Mack's Chronicles: Past and Present Stories.


Blogger Knockout Zed said...

Welcome to the blog world, cool breeze. We're glad to have you.


Wed Mar 15, 03:09:00 PM  
Blogger TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...

I like your concept already....
I'm adding you to my blog roll.

Mmmmm, Chris Weber huh? I used to love Chris Weber when he was with the Warriors, back in......what??? 1993???

He still fine though!!

Thanks for coming by my spot and adding me to your blog roll.

Wed Mar 15, 05:05:00 PM  
Blogger Mr.Slish said...

Welcome Son....Keep it real and keep it entertaining..Mr Slish is watching

Wed Mar 15, 10:54:00 PM  
Blogger Robert L. Mack said...

@ Insanely

That's right, Chi town STAND UP!!!! I'm trying to get my cousin Smooth to move back up here, I love my city soooo much....I'm going to take a picture of the skyline that I get to see everyday because I drive up Lake Shore Dr, and put it on here.

@ KZ and Mr Slish
Thanks for checking it out, I appreciate it...I'll try to update this at least 4 times a week, if not more....

Fri Mar 17, 11:02:00 AM  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...


Fri Mar 17, 03:12:00 PM  
Blogger Robert L. Mack said...

Ms New Booty:

Pics huh??...I'm trying to stay quasi-anonymous here, but shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for coming by. I Should have 3 new stories by weekend's end.

Fri Mar 17, 04:41:00 PM  
Blogger nikki said...

welcome to blogland.

i've found that folk who have issues with being 'scared' find courage after writing it out in a blog (me included). hopefully this creative outlet will assist you in that endeavor. writing is therapeutic!

Sat Mar 18, 07:18:00 AM  
Blogger Robert L. Mack said...


Yeah, very true indeed. That's the point of the blog. To see if this helps me crack the shell. Keep Reading, Thanks for coming by By!

Mon Mar 20, 09:30:00 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Nice to read a blog by a newbie like myself. I like your blogging style and content.

Wed Mar 22, 10:15:00 AM  
Blogger Robert L. Mack said...


Thanks for coming by....keep reading up on me!!! Respond as you feel....

Wed Mar 22, 04:43:00 PM  

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