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Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Lighter Side of Me

As I stated in my first post, not every story is going to involve me and PTA (pursuing The Ass..), and I wasn't expecting to write a non-PTA story so soon, but that's why they say "you never know what the future holds".......

Ok, so Sereday (Saturday but I'm sure you know peeps who say it the other way) afternoon at about 12 sharp I get a call from my boy, Big One sounding quite anxious (Side Note: Why is he called Big One? Because I have two friends who are uncle and nephew to each other but are only 8 days apart in age and they both have the same name, so to differentiate them we call them Big and Lil. Lil will probably show up in future stories).

Big: Where you at?
RM: On the way to the bank
Big: You got a girl with you?
RM: Naw, why you ask?
Big: You got any of your guys with you?
RM (getting angry) : Man what the fuck are you getting at?
Big: Man somebody just gave me tickets to the Bulls vs Heat game, 100 level , that start in an hour, and I can't go. So I'm trying to call anyone to see if they can go. I can't let them go to waste.
RM: Oh shit!!!! Aiight lemme make some calls and see what I come up with. Aiight I'll call you back in like 15 minutes
Big: Please do that.

So after being unsuccessful in calling a chick, I think to myself "Hmm, I haven't taken my little brother to any sporting events in quite a while, let me call my mom and see what's up". Let me give some insight: I have like 3 brothers and 1 sister on both sides of my family, but my parents only had me together. And this particular brother is on my mom's side, and It pains me that I am not close with him. Part of it has to do with me working so much (Sundays are my only day off from both jobs at the same time), part of it has to do with the way my mom raises my little brother and sister and I get depressed when I do visit, and the biggest part is that my 13 year old brother is a lil "slow". He needs medication to keep him calm but my mom doesn't always give it to him, and he can become quite unbearable (at least to me). Laughing for no apparent reason. Asking a ton of questions. Being loud. And the fact that I have NO PATIENCE whatsoever doesn't make the situation better. I'll never forget the one time we were at the Ford City Mall and he saw Santa Claus and straight bum rushed him! Never mind that there were other little kids in line, he decided he wanted Santa to know what he wanted right then and there. I was so embarrassed. I will say that when it is just me and him, he isn't as bad. He tends to act up more when there is more family around. So I call my mom and she said "He would love it!". I even hear "Dennis" (because they call him Dennis the Menace sometimes) in the background saying "Please take me, Rob!". So hey, I would have been content watching the Bulls game from the crib (cuz yall know I'm a sports junkie), but hey this is a great chance to watch them up close and I get to hang out with Dennis.

*Ok, after trying for the last hour of uploading the pics from the game so you all could see how close we were, I've given up. Blogger keeps saying I've successfully uploaded the pic but I still don't see anything. I'm not not sure what I'm doing wrong, but oh well. We were only 13 rows up from courtside.*

For the most part, Dennis was well behaved at the game. Asking a ton of questions nonetheless, and his favorite part of the game wasn't even the game itself. It was when the people on the court were throwing shirts into the crowd. He even got a lil bored and pulled out some hot wheels and played with them. But I was very much into the game, yelling out things such as "That's a travel!", and "You gotta shoot that Duhon!", and it was a very good game, unfortunately, the Bulls, in their St. Patricks Day green uniforms lost 85-84. But I left the United Center smiling. Why you ask? Because at that point, I couldn't care less about the game, I got a chance to hang out with my little brother Dennis and that's a victory in itself.


Anonymous Tiger said...

Hey I didn't know you went to that game!

Tue Mar 21, 08:58:00 AM  
Blogger Robert L. Mack said...

Yeah. Shaq and D.wade had terrible games, It was cool seeing D.Wade get a tec for clapping in the ref's face after the ref called him for a foul. He was in foul trouble most of the game. But Luol Deng missed a pretty open shot at the buzzer.

Tue Mar 21, 09:17:00 AM  

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